DIY Fabric Flowers

Hello everyone! I didn’t think that I was going to get to post today, as I have been very busy studying for my exams coming up next week. I decided I needed a breather, and I did something creative for half an hour or so. I stumbled upon a few videos of fabric flower making on you tube, and I thought I’d give it an attempt. I think these fabric flowers will look absolutely gorgeous stitched to costumes, and I look forward to making so many more out of my scrap fabrics!

First of all, I drafted a small circle pattern. Because I didn’t want my flower to be too large, I decided the ideal petal size would be around 2.5cm in length. Find your ideal petal size, and multiply that by two. That will be the diameter of your circle pattern.


Cut out 8 of these circles in total from your fabric. We will be using 3 circles to begin with for the top layer of petals.

Take your first circle, folding it in half.

Take your needle and thread, and begin making stitches around the curved edge. These don’t have to be perfect – you won’t be able to see them later. Once you’ve sewn the entire semi-circle (not the straight edge), gently pull at your thread to gather the edge. Now we are starting to resemble a petal! Yay! Using the same thread, repeat the steps another two times. Below we have one petal…

Two petals… ¬†and three petals!

Once you have three petals on, thread your needle back around to where you began on the first petal. make a few stitches in the fabric, and tie your work off tightly. You should now have something that resembles this.


Repeat all of the above steps once again, but this time, using 5 circles to make 5 petals. This is now what you should have in front of you.


Stack the smaller ‘flower’ atop the larger one, and play around with how you want them to sit. Hand stitch the two flowers together, stitching on the front of the large flower, and the back of the small flower to keep the stitches as hidden as possible. thread your needle all the way through the back of the flowers, then bringing it back up through the center as shown below.


To hide the center of the flower, I decided to stitch on a sequin. This step is a bit difficult for me to explain, but I will link the video down below, which I learned off for this task.


And this was the final result!


I am really happy with how this flower turned out, as it was my first attempt at something like this. As you can see above, the thread contrasts against the red, which the purpose for that was entirely so it showed up in my photos and so you could really see my process. Of course if I were to do this again, I would use matching colour thread, and I’d add a seed bead to top it off (as shown in the linked video), or maybe even a small pearl. There are almost no limits to what you can make these flowers from, and I’m so excited to use this technique in my future projects. I hope to see you guys next time! Lot’s of Love, Wendy x